We are periphery


Spencer Sotelo – Vocals

Misha Mansoor – Guitars

Jake Bowen – Guitars

Mark Holcomb – Guitars

Adam Getgood – Bass

Matt Halpern – Drums

The legendary traditions of progressive rock are not without critics. Detractors say the otherwise celebrated style lacks spirit. It lacks emotion. But PERIPHERY smashed this misconception to bits across two full-length albums and a handful of unconventional releases. The band’s mind-bending instrumentation and diverse vocalizations are delivered with vibrant urgency and inescapable hooks that act as an inviting tip to the sonic iceberg lurking beneath. PERIPHERY’s appropriately titled third full-length collection, Juggernaut, lays waste to all expectations within and without the genre.

The meticulously crafted, thematically-driven masterpiece is the end result of focus, determination and unrelenting ambition from the creatively obsessive and boundlessly skilled heavy music alchemists. Artists as diverse as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Green Day, The Who and similarly minded Periphery forefathers like Rush, Genesis and Voivod have tackled the concept album before, with earthmoving and genre-shifting results. Juggernaut finds the band creating something engagingly familiar yet altogether unique, resulting in a forward-thinking and modernized take on the concept album for a new generation fans.  The Juggernaut narrative tells of the birth and re-birth of a main character as he volleys between right and wrong, good and evil.   CONTINUE READING...